Ealing Riding School


For bookings please call 020 8992 3808  

17-19 Gunnersbury Avenue. Ealing. London. W5 3XD. UK

Tel: 020 8992 3808.

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CHILD BEGINNERS ( 1/2 Hour ) Building confidence. Correct position in how to hold the reins. Steering. Correct leg aids. Transitions halt to walk. Rising trot.

CHILD BEGINNERS ONE ( CB/1 ) Position of rider in motion. Turns and circles in walk. Transitions walk to trot etc: sitting trot. Balance without hanging on the reins. Natural aids ie: hands, seat and legs. Have sufficient confidence to go without a leader.

CHILD BEGINNERS TWO ( CB/2 ) More transitions, trot diagonals and the half halt. Sitting trot and work without stirrups. School figures. Learning about impulsion (rhythm and speed).Pole work. How a bad position affects the pony's way of going. First steps of canter.

CHILD BEGINNERS THREE ( CB/3 ) Learning about having an independent seat. Canter transitions and position at canter. Difference between working collected and extended trot. Learning the jumping position. Low jumps or small grids. Lateral work ie: leg yielding, turn on forehand. Be able to ride a variety of horses and ponies.

CHILD BEGINNERS FOUR ( CB/4 ) Use of seat and leg to ride into rein contact. More varied lateral work. Counter canter. Learning more jumping skills. Be able to adapt to various types of horse or pony.

CHILD INTERMEDIATE (CI) Open order at more advanced level. Jumping, grid work and technical courses. Riding leg yield; working a horse into a contact;a and shoulder in and turn on the forehand

ADULT BEGINNERS ( A/B ) Learning correct positions and balance at walk and trot, aids for basic transitions and turns and circles.

ADULT BEGINNERS ONE ( AB/1) Improving trot work, school figures, basic transitions and learning to canter.

ADULT BEGINNERS TWO ( AB/2 ) Improving canter and learning to jump.